Carvigor customized Car Cover
Carvigor customized Car Cover
Carvigor customized Car Cover
Carvigor customized Car Cover
Carvigor customized Car Cover

Carvigor customized Car Cover

Sale price$129.00 USD
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Customized Logo Or Not:

Customized Logo Or Not


Customized car cover:1.Original size 2.Tailor-made 3.Perfect fit 4.Large database

Universal Style Car Cover Only 2-4 sizes
Most models cannot be matched

Each make, model and year of vehicle has unique dimensions, so you must purchase a cover that is made specifically for your vehicle to better protect it, no one size fits all!Learn more:Why Should I Choose Carvigor Car Cover?

Detail Show
Front and back high tenacity elastic:The use of high tenacity elastic band material, set on the car cover after the natural tightening, fit the model, enhance the car coat wrapping sex, protect the car paint, prevent the car from being cut by the chance of rubbing!
Upgraded high-strength compilation straps, snap buckle windproof design:Replace the poor fixation of the elastic band hooks, the use of thickened compilation straps, the use of 6 channels of reinforcement process to ensure that the firmness of the car coat and straps, straps using the design of the mother and child buttons, the use of more convenient and more solid, windproof effect is more outstanding!
Omni-directional Presentation
Resistant to pulling and not easy to damage:The car coat is made of high quality Oxford cloth which is strong and durable, even if the car is dragged and pulled still won't be damaged, and the soft high-density fabric can better protect the car paint.
Reflective strip design for safety at night:Surrounding reflective strips, warning cars to prevent collision, for night parking, the car added six reflective strip design Greatly reduce the risk of car being cut off, so that the car is more eye-catching in a stationary state.

    Material Comparison

    Our Materials: The original PEVA used is bright in color and fine in grain.

    Cheap Material: PEVA mixed with recycled material, dark color, no natural particles, with machine-pressing pattern.

    High Quality Comes From High Standards

    All fabrics have gone through multiple processes, three machine testing, two manual inspections, to ensure that the car cover to the hands of users are high-quality products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Abel Shelton

    The car cover is of good quality, fitted the car well, easy to put on and easy to remove. Very happy with the purchase.

    Dario Gibson

    Very satisfied with this purchase. . It's not the cheapest car cover and the few extra bucks against the cheapest is definitely worth their weight. Nice thick material, soft inner layer. Fits my mom's 2000 crv a little baggy in some spots but it fits, and not overly big either. The only issue, which isn't really an issue, is the stitching at the end of the path are just kinda continued off the fabric, could see that unstitching itself over time. Brushed on a little superglue where ever I could find ends and am confident that will have fixed the issue. Other than that you really can't beat the deal for what you get. Mom likes it very much, driver door access zipper is super convenient, elastic on the bottom front and back hugs the car nicely, straps on the bottom that go across perpendicular keep it from blowing off.. although I think it could handle 30mph wind just from the weight of itself. Would definitely buy again. Thx for the free gift! (Thick microfiber) and finally - a storage bag that isn't overly cumbersome to store the cover is the cherry on top. Wish I had 1 of these for my ducati.. thx!

    Casen Martinez

    I gave my 88 Honda Accord to my son and bought a new car, so the Accord had to become an outdoor car. I've been very happy with the fit and performance of this cover. It's doing a great job protecting the car from the sun and rain

    Jabari Jackson

    The car under the cover is a 2021 Subaru Crosstrek - one of the cars listed for this cover. The situation is that we're moving in a couple of months, so the car will need to be outside in the weather for a few months (the garage is full of boxes). My wife is concerned about hail damage, so we bought this cover. I don't know if it will protect from hail, and frankly, I don't want to find out. I will say that it fits PERFECTLY, and the fabric seems heavy enough to deter some light hail.