Carvigor Diamond Double Layer Luxury Car Mats Set
Carvigor Diamond Double Layer Luxury Car Mats Set
Carvigor Diamond Double Layer Luxury Car Mats Set
Carvigor Diamond Double Layer Luxury Car Mats Set
Carvigor Diamond Double Layer Luxury Car Mats Set
Carvigor Diamond Double Layer Luxury Car Mats Set
Carvigor Diamond Double Layer Luxury Car Mats Set
Carvigor Diamond Double Layer Luxury Car Mats Set

Carvigor Diamond Double Layer Luxury Car Mats Set

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Number of seats/car mats:

Number of seats/car mats



All our products are made exactly as per the order details. We use accurate manufacturer-supplied measurements for ensuring perfect all-round 360° coverage.

Dear car enthusiasts, have you ever been troubled by the search for a high-quality and durable car floor mat? Now, we have the solution for you with our newly upgraded car floor mat series, providing ultimate protection and comfort for your beloved vehicle!

Key Features

  • All Weather:3D dynamic marking,non-slip snap design,scratch proof, waterproof surface,strong and durable,specially designed non slip underlay to grip your existing carpet.

  • Luxury Style:enhance the sense of quality of the car, luxury styling, add value to the car,reduce road noise and protect your vehicle interior.

  • Odorless:no trapping of dirt and liquids,chemical and odor-Free,unlike the cheap rubber styles on the market.

  • Easy Installation:quick and easy installation, high coverage, customized for one car and one board.

  • Removable Carpet Layer:high quality top traditional layer for added protection,detachable carpet layers using button enabled technology.

We dare to show the real details to our customers, we have confidence in the quality and workmanship of the product, compared to those cheap products on the market, we really solve the customer's concerns, not because the size does not match, or the material is too poor to cause the foot cushion shifting, warping!

In order to better solve the problem of car mats fit, we also have hidden buckle for use, even if the car mats use longer years can be firmly fixed, there will be no sliding deformation, we are in itself a car on the basis of a version of the car to do a more intimate design, by the majority of owners of the car's high praise!

easy care

Double Layer Removable

The leather is secured to the carpet by special clips, making it easy to remove.

Multi-purpose mat for daily cleaning, just disassemble the mat and rinse it out.

Softness is inherent

Upgraded Looped Carpet

High-density implant technology, no collapse, more comfortable, no odor.

The 6mm thickness is enhanced by a checkered jacquard pattern with a height difference, which increases abrasion resistance and adds to the design aesthetics.

Superior Compatibility & Safety

Most people are very concerned about the safety of the driver's position footrest will cause jammed gas pedal brakes, this is undoubtedly very important, we have solved this problem perfectly, safety is not a small matter, do not worry about not fit!Carvigor Car Mats do not interfere with key areas of your vehicle.

Extravagant Material

Five layers of thickened shaping

The lining is both stiff and flexible.

We make sure each layer is precisely stacked and perfect from top to bottom.

This is the order. Superfine Fiber Reinforced PVC  Leather, XPE Interlayer Sponge,  Nonwoven Fabric Shield, Metal Composite Foam and Honeycomb Non-Slip Velcro Base.


Every Carvigor Car Mats set comes with three years standard warranty period for protecting your investment.

Customer Reviews

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Waited almost a month paid over 300.00 dollars u.S. , including a donation, only to get the items I ordered in the wrong color. Sent message to these folks yesterday, waiting to hear back. They advised they sent what I ordered. I advised they sent the wrong color. Never heard back. I advise anyone buying floor mats stay away from this company carvigar. They are not a reliable company in my opinion. If they really stand up and make my situation right. I will change this review. However I don't see that happening. They probably don't even care about any review, that's negative, which shoes they are not reliable.


It fits perfectly on the floor of the vehicle, neither jamming the gas pedal nor blocking the brakes, making the driving process smoother. At the same time, it is also very easy to clean and maintain, just a light wipe, you can be brand new.


With the double-layer design, the upper blanket is very easy to clean and gives me a sense of stability when stepping on it, and it doesn't slip even in rainy days, which greatly improves the safety of driving. The lower layer is made of luxurious leather, which can protect the car floor very well and make driving a pleasure.