Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)
Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)

Carvigor Custom Trunk Mat (Full Cover)

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All our products are made exactly as per the order details. We use accurate manufacturer-supplied measurements for ensuring perfect all-round 360° coverage.

Offering luxurious practicality, our supreme custom trunk mats add a touch of class and style to the entire cargo area of your trunk. These cargo-liners are expertly designed and crafted from the finest materials making them very robust and ultra-durable like our premium custom car floor mats.

NOTE:Available in the same color and design as our premium custom car floor mats!

Key Features

  • Waterproof:Includes unique Water Stop Technology, which protects your trunk from nasty spills.
  • Raised Edge:Comes with raised edge design to prevent water, dirt, or debris from getting in contact with your trunk's floor.
  • Perfect Fit:Designed with our unique 3D laser cutting technology and precise manufacturer measurements to perfectly fit the complex contours of your trunk.
  • Extra Thick:Supreme thickness to suppress noise and prevent slips.

Other Benefits

  • Straightforward 5-minute installation with no special tools needed
  • 36-Month Warranty as standard
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ultra-durable
  • Premium look and feel


Are the custom trunk car mats all-weather floor mats?
Yes, our mats are very flexible and made to protect your vehicle against all seasons. The mats are waterproof, very durable against snow and mud and easy to clean.

How do I clean the custom trunk car mats?
Our car mats can be taken out and hosed down like a normal mat. They can also stay in and be vacuumed and wiped down if they are not too muddy.

How do the side mats attach to the vehicle?
We use double sided velcro to attach the mats. This way the vehicle's original trim is not damaged.

Will I be able to fold down the 3rd row seats in my vehicle?
Yes, we accommodate this by attaching the mats to the rear of the seats.

Will the mats cover vital functions in my vehicle such as seatbelt mounts and cargo hooks?
No, we make cutouts in the mats to accommodate all vital functions in the vehicle.

Are the mats easy to install?
Yes, it takes 5 mins to install. You do not need to take out the original carpets. 

Can you accommodate different interior layouts?

Yes, we can customize the car floor mats to fit different floor layouts in the vehicle. E.g. if you have captain seats on the 2nd row. Please let us know your needs and we will add the details to your order.

What if I'm not happy with the fitment?
If against expectations you're not happy with the fitment of your custom car floor mats we will amend your mats and ship them out to you free of charge.

I can’t find my car model?
Please ask us if you don’t see your model. We have 98% of all car models from 1980-2024 on file.

When do you ship after I order?
We ship orders Monday–Friday. Please allow 5-7 business days processing time to make your custom car mats before we ship.

How long will it take for my order to arrive once shipped?
For customers within the United States, your order should arrive within 15 - 20 business days after processing via FedEx or USPS Priority Mail. We ship other international orders via EMS. Average delivery time is 15 - 25 business days depending on your location. 


Top Layer: Made out of Ultra-Durable, Eco-friendly Leather

Second Layer: Made out of soft and comfortable memory foam, ensuring enhanced comfort

Third Layer: Polypropylene Resin with Hard Wear properties

Fourth Layer: Durable and Soft Sponge

Fifth Layer: Honeycomb Base With A Velcro Mix and Anti Skid properties


Every Carvigor Car Mats set comes with three years standard warranty period for protecting your investment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Troy Irish
Great purchase

Very good investment great quality

Mark Mahoney
Decent product....

The stitching and material is well done. The fit and finish leaves a little to be desired. There is no (very little) velcro sewed to the back of the pieces so they'll attach to the back of the seats.

They do give you a couple of strips of velcro but they should have sewed them back. The rear pieces kinda/sorta fit in the corners.

Would I buy it again, probably, only because the choices are few and far between

Thank you very much for your valuable advice, we take it very seriously, we apologize for the inconvenience, we will improve and upgrade the installation, we look forward to serving you again, Carvigor, America's most professional car liner customization website!

Roman Ramírez salas

We used it on our car and it’s perfect exactly what we were looking for easy to clean and very easy to install and it looks great


They look nice but the Velcro strips are small and do not stick to the carpet. Side panels are completely useless since they fall right down.


These are not custom… not even close. No instructions and 5 mats did not even make sense where they could possibly go