Each make, model and year has unique dimensions, so you must purchase a cover that is made specifically for your vehicle in order to better protect it, no one size fits all. You need a car cover that fits your vehicle: not too tight and not too loose. If it's too tight, you could be at risk of accidental punctures and tears, which will only get bigger over time.On the contrary, if your car cover is too big, it won't serve the purpose of protecting your car.Not only does it look ugly, but It doesn't protect your vehicle from dust buildup, humidity buildup, etc., and the slightest movement of the hood and any bit of dust under the hood can scratch the paint, and it's easy to get confused when there are hundreds of websites and retailers claiming that they have the best car covers.

How do you recognize which is a high quality product and which is a poor quality product, as with any purchase, car coat purchases are related to value.Don't confuse value with price, you can get a very cheap car cover but if you have to replace it every few months then it's not much value.On the other hand, if you invest in a quality, all-weather outdoor car cover, your car cover will likely outlast ten or more mediocre car covers, Carvigor's car covers are customized to the original car's dimensions It fits like a glove!

The car cover on the market is mostly universal or semi-customized, these products can be mass-produced so cheaper, such products can not protect your car in all aspects!Carvigor's car cover is customized according to the information and data you provide about your vehicle it fits like a glove, because of the production cost of the reason that the market basically does not have side mirror pockets, which is easy to damage the side mirrors, our car cover is carefully designed with side mirror pockets and reflective strips, which protects every detail of your vehicle, and also reduces the risk of the vehicle being collided when used at night.

Cheap car covers crack easily Weathering Carvigor is made of expensive 7-layer nano oxford fabric material, which provides better protection against frost, snow, chips, scratches, bird droppings, rain, sunlight and sun exposure.

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