How should I choose a car cover?

The car cover on the market is mostly universal or semi-customized shape, these products can be mass-produced so cheaper, such products can not protect your car in all aspects, if you want to better protect your car, we recommend choosing a customized car cover, customized car cover is customized according to the vehicle information and data you provide it like a glove to fit!

Should the car cover be tight or loose?

It should not be too tight or too loose. If it's too tight, you could be at risk of accidental punctures and tears, which will only get bigger over time.On the contrary, if your car cover is too big, it won't serve the purpose of protecting your car. Not only does it look ugly, but it doesn't protect your vehicle from dust buildup, humidity buildup, etc. The slightest movement of the car cover and any bit of dust under the cover may scratch the paint!

Do your car covers scratch the paint?

Our car cover material is lined with soft Oxford cloth to provide protection for your car's paint without damaging the paint.

Are your car covers waterproof?

Yes, our car covers are made with a special oil-based coating, and they provide excellent rain protection for your car!

Do your car covers come with organizer bags?

Yes, every one of our car cover orders comes with a premium storage bag, which is a great accessory to help you store your car cover safely and maximize the life of your car cover!

How tear and puncture resistant is the car cover?

Our car covers are made of very strong and wear-resistant materials, we also use double stitching to achieve extreme tear resistance around the cover stitching, we pull the cover through the car and the cover remains strong, you don't have to worry about this type of damage!

Can I use the car cover for all four seasons?

Yes, our car cover is designed for year-round use, and we've engineered it to provide maximum protection against all types of weather and environmental threats, providing year-round protection for your car.

Can I customize a cover or mention that I have modifications to my vehicle (such as: camper shell, spoiler …)?

We can definitely tailor the cover to fit the exact specifications of the car. Those type of orders can be made on the email. You can email our experts at, who will gladly help you chose the best cover for your specific car.